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Using PostgreSQL in Rails Projects

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PostgreSQL is a mature and time-proven database. Also it is fast, secure and stable. And after all it’s free. So why not to use it in your next Rails project instead of default SQLite? The main drawback is that installing and setting up this database is a bit tricky. I’ve read many tutorials on the web which propose too many movements. But there is much easier way to accomplish this task. Let’s see how we can do this on Ubuntu 12.04.

Simple Development Web Server Setup on Linux

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When you develop a Ruby on Rails application, you want to be able to reach it through your browser. This can be done via constantly open console window with rails server of course. But if you want to access your development website through short and meaningfull URL like, than you have to play with /etc/hosts and add virtual server into your web server configuration file. Here is more simple and convinient way.